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Candidate Bio

Joseph Ledoux is running for Pleasanton City Council 2018 to bring a fresh, energetic perspective. He stands for public safety, mindful growth, educational excellence, and maintaining Pleasanton’s quaint character.

Joseph lives with his wife, Christina, and their child, Christian in the Pleasanton Valley neighborhood. 

Joseph joined the Berkeley Police Department in 2006, and has served as an officer since that time. Previously Joseph was a Public Safety Dispatcher, and a Reserve Firefighter. Joseph has been entrenched in public service since he was 20. Joseph graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from San Francisco State University. Thereafter, Joseph went on to obtain his post graduate Master’s degree in Criminal Justice from Boston University.

Joseph was raised in the small town of Waverly, Iowa. His father was a self-employed painter that worked hard to support his wife and four children. This is where Joseph’s appreciation for small-town charm and hard work originated. It was in Joe’s hometown that he was exposed to an outstanding education, safe town, growing community, and a historic downtown. All the attributes that Joseph recalls from his childhood, he’s nostalgically found in beautiful Pleasanton and plans to share with his son. 

Inspired by his family, Joseph has gone on to run for Pleasanton City Council 2018. With years of hard work and dedication as a public servant, Joseph believes it’s time to bring a fresh, energetic perspective to Pleasanton’s city government. 

This election is about the future of Pleasanton. Joseph aims to grow Pleasanton's economy and critical infrastructure thoughtfully, while maintaining its small town charm. He advocates for collaboration with our School Board to address the growing population while maintaining the legacy of educational excellence. Lastly, Joseph is committed to ensuring that our community remains safe, while working to combat the influence of regional crime on Pleasanton.

Help bring a fresh energy to the town by voting for Joseph Ledoux for Pleasanton City Council 2018.

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Joseph Ledoux Stands For

Public Safety

Ensure that our police and fire departments are adequately staffed for our growing community. Explore opportunities to leverage technology in collaboration with the community to improve public safety. 

Mindful Growth

Support mindful growth that promotes critical and sustainable infrastructure development that commensurates with the values of our community.

Advocate for our Schools

Our children are our future and deserve the best in education. Pleasanton has a strong educational legacy to be proud of, and we have a growing population. We must maintain a strong partnership with our School Board to ensure a collaborative effort in finding solutions. 

Keep Pleasanton's Small Town Charm

Focus on making family-centric decisions that guide Pleasanton's future forward, while keeping with the tradition of our small-town charm.


[Joseph Ledoux] and his young family were attracted to Pleasanton's small town feel, high safety ratings and excellent schools. He is committed to maintaining the outstanding quality of life that we all benefit from as Pleasanton residents. His job as a police officer in Berkeley gives him experience within a diverse and densely populated area bringing a unique perspective to Pleasanton's growing population. Importantly Joe is not aligned with the pressures of any special interest groups. He is willing to learn from and actively seek out input from a broad range of residents and  experts for long term solutions to complex problems facing our community today and in the future.

John Sensiba, CPA, Managing Partner, Sensiba San Filippo

I’m supporting Joseph Ledoux for Pleasanton City Council.  I place great value on the service of the experienced council members that have served our city over the last several years.  While the experience and understanding that our current counsel brings is critical, I believe it is also important to have new voices contribute to the process.  As a newer member of our community that, together with his wife, intentionally chose Pleasanton for his family, I believe Joseph Ledoux is just the voice we need to bring a fresh perspective to the City Council.  If you haven’t met Joseph, I encourage you to do so.  I believe that you will find that his energy, informed opinions and passion for the future of Pleasanton make him just the candidate you’ve been looking for to add to our experienced counsel core.

Livermore-Pleasanton Firefighters, IAFF Local 1974

We are pleased to announce that we have endorsed [Joseph Ledoux's] candidacy for City Council. We believe strong public safety and City services are essential to keeping Livermore and Pleasanton great communities. City Hall is our partner in keeping our community safe by making sure firefighters have the tools, training, and resources necessary to do our jobs. We applaud [Joseph Ledoux's] commitment to this partnership.

Jeanie Reitzell, Realtor

A Realtor friend of mine recently introduced me to a local Pleasanton resident who is running for city council, here in Pleasanton.  He is a police officer, not a politician, which is refreshing.  I found him to be bright, well informed, forward-thinking  and dedicated to the idea of making Pleasanton an even a better place to live.  As a local Realtor of 43 years, and a member of the community, I know how important it is to keep our city running efficiently for all homeowners, businesses, large and small, residents and future generations.  I am convinced that he will do a terrific job and conscientiously represent our city with dignity, care, and pride.  Please join me in voting for Joseph Ledoux in November 2018.

Jan Batcheller, Business Woman

After a great deal of thought, I am pleased to endorse Joseph Ledoux for Pleasanton City Council.  His youth and energy will bring a fresh perspective to the Council.  His generation, with a deeper understanding of this technological age, will bring a better approach to solving community problems.  Joseph wants to make sure his family and all Pleasanton citizens maintain and enhance the wonderful community spirit they have found here.  I applaud Joseph for stepping up and getting into the race.  He is intelligent and has done his homework. Joseph knows the time commitment required. Joseph will make a welcome  addition to the Council.  I urge you to vote for Joseph Ledoux for Pleasanton City Council.

Dan Rosler, Local Businessman

As in nature, diversity is a source of strength, as it protects against disease and enables adaptation.  Similarly, Pleasanton's city leadership needs the strength that comes from a diversity of background and opinion.  For this reason, I endorse Joe Ledoux for City Council.  I appreciate how Joe's unique perspective from being a police officer informs his understanding of civic duty and city operations.  And I think his considerate, rational point of view on our city's challenges and opportunities would be a distinctive voice in City Council deliberations and decisions.  Most of all, I trust Joe can bring this fresh thinking along with a collaborative approach, which is particularly important for being an effective source of strength and evolution for our city.

Endorsements Continued

Lincoln Club of Northern California

David Nagler, Former Chair-Pleasanton Planning Commission

Pleasanton Police Officer's Association

Alameda County Republican Party, Central Committee

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